Cooking classes

Traditional class

Together we will explore the tradition of Tuscan and Italian cuisine in our beautiful terraced home in Florence. Your journey will start with a brief introduction to local and national cuisine over coffee and Italian breakfast, before embarking on an adventure in fresh pasta in its various forms, regional sauces, and a traditional Tuscan dessert revisited. After this intensive and entertaining introduction to Italian cooking, we will prepare your culinary creations, accompanied with an aperitivo, wine, dessert, and local liquor. You will dine surrounded by Florence beauties, right in the heart of where Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Dante concocted ideas that would change the history of the world. The menu can change depending on the seasonally fresh, local ingredients available. We look forward to having  you in our home with family and friends (this is a perfect group activity!), sending you back with wonderful memories and a parting gift to remember us by.

Bruschetta love class

We are going to open the doors of our beautiful house in the heart of Florence to you and together we will embark upon a charming cooking adventure. Our traditional Bruschetta, whether classic or modernly dressed, is the perfect start of every Italian meal! 
We will kick off by preparing two Florentine classics: FETTUNTA – extra virgin Tuscan olive oil on toasted bread – and bruschetta with chopped tomatoes in two of its versions. Then we will make two of the most known Florentine bruschetta, one with sausage paste and soft stracchino cheese and the other with sun-dried tomatoes and pecorino cheese. At the end of the class you will then have the possibility to taste other types of very famous Florentine bruschetta varieties! 
Don’t worry if you can’t remember all the steps of the recipes: get your hands dirty and enjoy the experience with us! We will send you a file containing all the recipes once the class is over, where you will find directions on how to make amazing home-made bread, and of course, all the bruschetta we made together. We can’t wait to share our tradition with all of you!